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The Hungarian Aeronautical Publications will be supplied to foreign Aeronautical Authorities and Aeronautical Information Services on the basis of the free exchange policy stated in ICAO Annex 15 para 2.3.5., all supplementary copies will be invoiced. All other subscribers have to pay for their subscriptions according to the current price list and number of copies.

After the reception of your order, the NOTAM Office sends your package, then the Invoicing Department applies the suitable amount of VAT based on your EU VAT ID or Tax Residency Certificate and sends you the invoice via postal mail. Note that all prices are subject to VAT.

All invoice amounts shall be transferred in Euro without any bank charges or deductions.


Please, consider your environment before ordering the AIP in any of the listed physical copies. All the contents of the AIP can also be downloaded in the same format as a PDF file for free of charge from from the AIP menu.

ICAO - 1:500 000 VFR aeronautical chart (Folded)

Hungary 2252-B 2251A
1-19 copies    6.23 EUR / copy
20-99 copies    5.92 EUR / copy
100 + copies    5.60 EUR / copy

eAIP Package on DVD

   31.16 EUR / copy

AIP AMDT, AIP SUP, AIC and monthly NOTAM list per calendar year in paper form

Calendar year: from January 1st to December 31st
   99.72 EUR / copy

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