Forecast for Runway Direction

Hungarocontrol provides information about the expected landing and take-off directions to and from Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (LHBP).

The expected runway directions are given based on the wind forecasts made by our meteorologists. However, the actual runway directions eventually may differ from that anticipated here due to the forecasts limitations and other unforeseen operating conditions. Nevertheless, we strive to make our runway forecasts as accurate as possible.

Felszállási irány
Leszállási irány

The daily updated charts show the probability of the projected runways in hourly breakdown. The moderate south-east wind causes great uncertainty in forecasts, because changes of only 2 km/h in the wind speed may change the initialy planned runway direction.

The publications of HungaroControl Green Landing are continuously available under the Noise Protection menu item of the company’s webpage.