Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization as a publication containing aeronautical information essential to air navigation. It is designed to be a manual containing thorough details of regulations, procedures and other information pertinent to flying aircraft in Hungary.

Available ICAO 1:500 000 scale chart

You can download the most recent version of the ICAO 1:500 000 chart, portraying the airspace structure and all the additional static data effective from 21 MAR 2024. Formats:

- Single page chart

- Printable, A4 size atlas with 34 pages

Currently effective and future AIP amendments with related AIRAC dates

The following AIP amendments can be opened by clicking the AMDT identifiers, or also can be downloaded in whole as a ZIP file. The listed dates apply for the upcoming publications.

AMDT identifier Cut-off date Publication date Effective date Download
AIRAC AMDT 003/2024 2024 January 27. 2024 April 4. 2024 May 16. EAIP DVD
AIRAC AMDT 004/2024 2024 February 24. 2024. May 2. 2024 July 11. EAIP DVD
AIRAC AMDT 005/2024 2024 May 18. 2024 July 25. 2024 September 5.  
AIRAC AMDT 006/2024 2024 July 13. 2024 September 19. 2024 November 28.  

Cut-off date:

Please note that our organisation is able to receive change requests only until the cut-off date for the given amendment cycle. Requests submitted after the cut-off date will be automatically considered in the next amendment.

Publication date:

after the information has been processed, the electronic version of the AIP is published on this website under the AIP section.

Effective date:

the day when the information published becomes effective.